10 Popular Festivals In British Columbia, Canada

10 Popular Festivals In British Columbia, Canada

10 Popular Festivals In British Columbia, Canada

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) (28820456683)

Plan to attend Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), an outstanding summer fair, when you are holidaying in British Columbia, Canada, in August or September. The event is held in the province every year and has been celebrated since 1910. If you are a music lover, make sure you attend various entertaining concerts, as PNE hosts over 125 of them. The summer fair greets more than 3.7 lakhs (370,000) visitors at the fabulous Playland Amusement Park to enjoy the cultural activities. Have a great time here participating in and enjoying various sporting events. Experience thrill by going for amusement rides.

Pacific National Exhibition

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsitePacific National Exhibition

Takes place: August to September

Price: 5 – 18 USD


2. Vancouver International Fringe Festival

One of the most popular and prominent theater festivals in British Columbia is Vancouver International Fringe Festival. People of the Canadian province celebrate it for 10 days of September every year. This theater celebration greets several theater-loving guests and creates opportunities for performing artists. So if you are a fanatic of theater performances or shows, make sure you attend this praiseworthy event to watch entertaining productions, burlesques, dance performances, and acrobats.

Vancouver International Fringe Festival

Address: 1398 Cartwright St, Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsiteVancouver International Fringe Festival

Takes place: September

Price: 15 USD

3. Nanaimo Marine Festival

Make your summer vacations in British Columbia more enjoyable by attending a fun-filled Nanaimo Marine Festival in July. The event is celebrated in downtown Nanaimo, and it attracts spectators from all the corners of the world. If water and water sports and activities excite you, watch amazing wakeboard demonstrations, the captivating Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival, and the outstanding Great International World Championship Bathtub Race. Kids will have a fantastic time at Sail Past on Wheels Fun Parade.

Nanaimo Marine Festival

Address: 170 Wallace St, Nanaimo, British Columbia

WebsiteNanaimo Marine Festival

Takes place: July


4. Kamloopa Powwow

Witness one of the biggest festivals of First Nations heritage and culture in British Columbia during your sabbatical by attending Kamloopa Powwow. The event is a praiseworthy expression of the roots of the Secwepemc community. It’s celebrated in Kamloops near the charming South Thompson River. Every August, numerous talented dancers participate, and a plethora of audiences attend Kamloopa Powwow to celebrate with the festive spirit of the gathering. Admire the traditional dance of the natives. Then listen to outstanding traditional music and storytelling activities.

Kamloopa Powwow

Address: 330 Chief Alex Thomas Way, Kamloops, British Columbia

WebsiteKamloopa Powwow

Takes place: August

Price: 10 USD

5. Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boating in Vancouver

If you are fond of boating sports, do not miss attending the spectacular Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival in June while holidaying in British Columbia. It celebrates the rich and diverse culture and heritage of Canada. The event is the flagship dragon boat festival of the entire continent of North America. Enjoy viewing exciting paddling and dragon-boating sports here. Cheer on the participants as they cut the water racing their boat. You can also appreciate the visuals, culinary offerings, and performing arts at the venue.

Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival

Address: False Creek Office at the Creekside Community Centre, 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsiteCanadian International Dragon Boat Festival

Takes place: June

Price: 1100 – 2000 USD

6. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Vancouver Spring Cherry Blossoms W 22nd

Are you a nature lover vacationing in British Columbia in April? If yes, make sure you attend the enchanting Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. Watch 40,000 spectacular cherry blossom trees adorning the city tracks. Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere graced with light-pink blossoms. Also, this splendid event hosts many other exciting activities. You can go for enjoyable bike rides and explore the tracks. Do not miss amazing traditional Japanese festivities. Here you can admire wonderful art shows and the beauty of the captivating cherry blossoms.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Address: 5251 Oak St, Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsiteVancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Takes place: April

Price: 9 – 14 USD

7. Honda Celebration of Light (Symphony of Fire)

Honda Celebration of Light - Canada Aug 1st, 2015 (20193531796)

Watch skies become alive by visiting the mesmerizing Honda Celebration of Light during your trip to British Columbia in July. Catch the jaw-dropping fireworks in a rhythmic display at the biggest live event of the Canadian province. Earlier famous as Symphony of Fire, it has been celebrated since 1990. The festive spectacle hosts a competition of enchanting musical fireworks and offers incredible views. Enjoy great music and feast on scrumptious food here as well.

Honda Celebration of Light (Symphony of Fire)

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsiteHonda Celebration of Light (Symphony of Fire)

Takes place: July

Price: 44 – 209 USD

8. Vancouver Island MusicFest

Celebrated on the banks of charming Tsolum River in enchanting Comox Valley in British Columbia, Vancouver Island MusicFest is a worth-visiting event. It is a great annual celebration that greets thousands of visitors to experience the venue’s festive spirit. Enjoy the incredible cultural activity and magical musical festivities. Fun-filled highlights are sure to amaze you—have a great time at the storytelling program or dance to upbeat tunes.

Vancouver Island MusicFest

Address: Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds, 4839 Headquarters Rd, Courtenay, British Columbia

WebsiteVancouver Island MusicFest

Takes place: July

9. Vancouver International Jazz Fest

Developed from the local jazz scene in the 1980s, Vancouver International Jazz Fest attracts lots of jazz music lovers to delve into the festive spirit of Vancouver, British Columbia. The event is celebrated every summer in June and is famous as the largest jazz fest in the province. Usually, the festival hosts 400 performances—and these include musical concerts that are not only entertaining but also free for all.

Vancouver International Jazz Fest

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia

WebsiteVancouver International Jazz Fest

Takes place: Usually held in June to July

10. Okanagan Fest-of-Ale

Running right from 1996, the famous Okanagan Fest-of Ale is a grand festival in Penticton, British Columbia, hosted in April every year. It welcomes numerous craft brewers and plenty of visitors. The two-day event features amazing entertainment for the guests. Taste a wide variety of quality crafted beverages here. Also, enjoy feasting on the delicious food available on-site. This gathering supports local charitable institutions and tourism as well.

Okanagan Fest-of-Ale

Address: 273 Power St, Penticton, British Columbia

WebsiteOkanagan Fest-of-Ale

Takes place: April

Price: 29 – 49 USD